On-Semble helps you better organize your life

The Main On-Semble Screen

The main On-Semble screen lets you know who is in with pictures that appear in color, or if they are not at work in black and white photos. Just click on a persons’ photo and access all of their contact information, when they’re expected in, and their role.

Want to know the team’s status at a glance?  On-Semble makes it easy.  You can see who’s in, out, away or on holiday.  You’ll also know who’s working at home and when they’re available. It’s all available on one screen!

Main On-Semble Screen

On-Semble Calendar Screen

The On-Semble Calendar Screen

Trying to plan an event or just a meeting?  The On-Semble Calendar page lets you see who’s away on what days at a glance.  You won’t need to open a dozen separate calendars and hope for the best.

Inviting someone a thousand or ten thousand miles away?  Automatic time zone conversion ensures you can make a reasonable choice for that important quarterly review.

The Calendar shows all of your info in detail, but keeps other people’s data to a minimum so it doesn’t get cluttered.